Magdalena Zelasko – Let’s CEE festival

Magdalena Żelasko, originally from Poland, has been living in Vienna for over 15 years now. The certified marketing and advertising expert with a diploma from the Business School in Cracow studied Slavic studies, journalism and communication sciences at the University of Vienna, which she soon after rounded up with a Ph.D. in 2005. She has…


Marjin Te Pas about IDFA

As the coordinator of the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) program department he is responsible for overseeing all research activities, processing and viewing film festival entries. He selects the short films, music films and compiles the IDFA Competition for Student Documentary. He has been working for IDFA since 2000.


dan tana

Interview with Dan Tana

Dan Tana (born Dobrivoje Tanasijevic[1] in 1933) is a Yugoslav American restaurateur and former professional footballer. Tana is the proprietor of an eponymous restaurant, Dan Tana’S, in West Hollywood, California, as well as being closely associated with football clubs Red Star Belgrade and Brentford F.C.


Bob Entrop and Orhan Galjus about their film ‘Broken Silence

Bob Entrop has told us what he thinks about his documentary ‘Broken silence’. Broken silence will screen on Wedensday 21. 5., 17:15 in the cinema ‘Kino Europa. In this beautifully told and stylish road movie travels Roma radio reporter Orhan Galjus, born in Kosovo, along with filmmaker Bob Entrop through Germany, Poland and Kosovo. They…


(Hrvatski) Filmski raspored 22.5.

U četvrtak 22.5. na programu je Festivala tolerancije je devet filmova.   U 16:00 u Kinu Tuškanac prikazivati će se film Kristalna Noć. Tinghir – Jeruzalem, jeka iz Mellaha na programu je u 16:00 u Kinu Europa. U 17:45 na programu je film Maslina u Šumi, prikazuje se u Kinu Europa. Film Transport XX za…


International Talent Workshop

International Talent Workshop is  film workshop intended for students, and young people with different point of view from around the world. Students are united together for learning and creating quality film accomplishments with the idea of spreading tolerance. The Workshop is traditionally held every year in Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia, during the Festival…