This year Festival of Tolerance continues with literary evenings that raise awareness for the need to talk about

Festival related topics on all artistic levels and to develop civil dialogue with topics being critically questioned.

The program of literary evenings begun in 2013, and this year will be held at two locations, Institut Français, on

May 22nd, and book club “Booksa” on May 23rd at 6 PM.

Publisher Seid Serdarević and prominent Croatian television journalist, author and great promoter of tolerance

in society, Dražen Ilinčić are moderators of the events.


May 22nd 2014, INSTITUT FRANÇAIS, 6 PM, Medijateka, Preradovićeva 5

Chil Rajchman was deported to Treblinka in summer 1942nd with his younger sister who was immediately

killed. He was ordered to cut the hair of female victims before they were gassed, and later also to extract

gold teeth at the death camp and dispose of the victims’ bodies. On August 2, 1943 along with the few dozen

other prisoners, Rajchman managed to escape from Treblinka during the uprising. I am the last Jew was first

published 2009th in France five years after the Reichman’s death. This exquisite and crushing memoir was

originally written in Yiddish and was translated by famous writer Gilles Rozier (author of bestseller “Love

Without Resistance”) who will be the guest of this evening and talk about the art of translating.


May 23rd 2014, BOOKSA, 6 PM, Martićeva 14d

There are three problems in the core of this historical novel: death, creation and history. The main character

Izak Perlberg, journalist, fights the demons of creations, but his life and his perspective on world change when

he meets Sophie, a German girl of noble descent who fled from Hitler’s Germany. Izak changes with Sophie and

goes back to poetry which will give whole another meaning to his departure to concentration camp.