• Anti-Masonic Posters

    Anti-Masonic Posters

Considering public space an excellent platform for communication with citizens through art and with the desire to include in the Festival activities cooperation with urban subculture groups, associations and organizations whose ideas of acceptance, the right to diversity, art and education are the focus of action, the need to draw attention to graffiti and inscriptions that appear every day on the streets, sports stadiums and similar sites, the Festival has recognized an opportunity to point out to the citizens the unacceptable messages that promote hatred, intolerance and fascism.

8th Festival of Tolerance – JFF Zagreb has decided to dedicate a part of its 2014 film program to Schindler’s List. It was a pleasure to screen Schindler’s List twenty years after its genesis; the film will be screened in Zagreb’s Kino Europa on May 22 at 7:30PM for the festival audience together with honorary guests. Throughout the entire duration of the Festival, 18 – 24 May there was an exhibition of Universal Studio-owned photographs taken at the set of Schindler’s List on display in the foyer of Kino Europa, for the first time in Croatia.

Communicating with the public through street art, our desire is to convey how tragic Holocaust was and how many lives of children, women, elderly, Roma people, homosexuals, Jews and other innocent victims were taken, with a special focus on the victims of Zagreb. In collaboration with young Croatian artists we have organized an urban intervention on the photographs of places that have special meaning. Places of deportations, destruction, imprisonment… With their work, Ana, Sretan Bor, Lunar, Miron, Pukovnik Kesovija, Berislav and Stipan will pay tribute to the shadows of our fellow citizens.