(Osijek, 1932.) Honorary president of the Festival
Branko Lustig is the most famous cultural ambassador of the Republic of Croatia and a worldwide awarded producer (Oscars for Schindler’s List and The Gladiator). For many years he has been active in Hollywood where he participates in the work of the Academy as a member of its Oscar award nomination committee. He started his career as the Head of Photography in Jadran Film where he participated in almost all foreign film productions at the territory of the former Yugoslavia as the main organizer and film director. In America he worked closely with distinguished directors such as Steven Spielberg, Ridley Scott and others. In June 2009, he received the honorary doctorate of the University of Zagreb for his exceptional contribution to the art of film and the international promotion of Croatian film. He is a lecturer at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb at the Department of Production. Due to his exceptional expertise, Jewish origin and experience from the most infamous Nazi camps, he possesses immense interest and knowledge about Jewish film. That is why he started volunteering at the Zagreb Jewish Film Festival as the Festival’s President. He regularly expands his role of the Festival President by giving lectures about the Holocaust to students across Croatia.


(Zagreb, 1974), Festival Director
Nataša Popović graduated from the Faculty of Graphic Arts School of Design. For many years she was active in her profession, while she expressed her love for film through the organisation of the Jewish Film Festival. At the initiative and proposal of Vesna Domany Hardy in 2007, she accepted the proposal to launch the first Jewish Film Festival in the region in cooperation with the UK Jewish Film Festival from London. Since 2007, she is fully committed to organizing and developing the film and festival scene in Zagreb and the region.


(Zagreb, 1982), Program Coordinator
After graduating from high school he enrolled at the Faculty of Political Sciences which he graduated from in 2006. He started his career in GONG, a non-profit NGO. Since 2009, he has been working as a journalist in Poslovni dnevnik newspaper. He joined the Festival of Contemporary Jewish Film Association in 2011 as the Educational Mornings Coordinator. He successfully organized four Educational mornings in Zagreb and two tours around Croatian cities (Čakovec, Osijek, Vukovar, Zadar, Knin).


(Zagreb, 1976.) Program Coordinator

Worked for fifteen years in publishing industry as copywriter, editor and lector, translator for English and German language. She also uses Italian, Spanish, French and Chinese language. She has many years of experience as organiser of symposiums, seminars and other official events in the economy sector. She joined the Festival of tolerance in 2013 as a guest and volunteer coordinator, actively participates in writing tender applications and acts as program coordinator as well.



(Zagreb, 1980.) Project Coordinator
She graduated with fashion design at Faculty of TextileTechnology. She worked as a journalist in political magazine Globus (author of social chronicle „Zlatno oko“ and editor of the section „Life style“), and as a fashion assistent in magazin Elle. From 2003 she is TV producer, and today she have more than 670 hours of bbroadcast As a executive producer she works 10 years on different projects ( Tv seriesPride of Ratkajs, Ordinary People, Lara’s choice, reality show Survivor, and educative serial „Class2011.“


(Pula, 1973.) Public Relations Manager
After she graduated at Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb (philosophy and art history), she received scholarship for postgraduate studies in the department of Art History at the College of Art, Ohio University, USA where she’s parallely attending postgraduate courses at the School of Film eponymous university. After returning in Croatia she worked for a while as external lecturer and editor in regional magazin. As a freelance editor of projects in culture and tourism, she’s writhing professionals studies and publish articles ( promotion of culture, art and cultural heritage), and as a PR she leading different campaign.


(Split, 1969.)
Staša became actively involved in the organization of the International Talent Workshop in 2010 when he became the head of the project. For fifteen years now he has been active in Kinoklub Zagreb as a lecturer in film workshops and a mentor to young filmmakers. He has been organizing film workshops across Croatia mostly within the work of the Croatian Film Association, Croatian Education and Teacher Training Agency, Dubrava Cultural Club and the already mentioned Kinoklub Zagreb. From the beginning of his career up to now he held over a hundred film workshops. Together with Irena Marković he founded a young film production company Focusmedia, which primarily deals with the production of independent films.

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