In May 2014 the city of Zagreb will for the eight time host Jewish Film Festival entitled THE FESTIVAL OF TOLERANCE. Shortened festival edition is being prepared in Rijeka, Vienna, Belgrade, Sarajevo, Cetinje and Ljubljana.

The festival will be held on two locations in Zagreb – in cinema Europa and cinema Tuškanac, starting from May 18th until May 24th, 2014. In the following weeks, between June 9th and 10th, 2014 the plan is to organise the festival in Rijeka in Art-cinema Croatia.

The Festival will continue with the theme introduced during the 7th edition focusing on tolerance, its meaning in context of suffering and life struggle as well as coexistence in the broadest sense. During seven days we will screen around seventy films of Croatian and worldwide production in categories of short and feature-length films while in the other cities we will present shorter film selection from the festival program that talks about the necessity to respect the different, intending to leave memorable impression on viewers and motivate them to contemplate about the ethically correct social engagement.

The selected film program is mostly composed of renowned films awarded by international festivals. All films shown at the Festival are translated into English and Croatian which makes them available to large number of international viewers. Film screenings are the main part of the program and, as it has been done every year, we will choose the best and the most impressive film. The audience will also get the opportunity to discuss with the film-makers after the screening. Aiming to attract the largest possible audience and make the festival program available to all age and social groups, tickets for the film projections will be free of charge.

With the Festival of Tolerance, cultural program of Zagreb and Croatia became richer for another important event that found its place on the prosperous festival scene and developed into a recognizable and unavoidable cultural event, while the festival guest appearances in Rijeka, Vienna, Belgrade, Sarajevo, Cetinje and Ljubljana makes an exceptional step in cultural and institutional cooperation in the region.

This unique festival hosted in Zagreb and Croatia is the only film festival in the world focusing on the education of youth, particularly emphasizing the importance of conveying the truth about the Holocaust, developing tolerance, understanding differences and every individual’s right to life. With its guest editions, held in other cities of the region, the Festival will improve the harmonization of regional initiatives and international organisations participating in the realization of the program.

Narrative report for 2014