• Closing party

    Closing party

  • DJ Rea

    DJ Rea

  • Paul Brody’s Sadawi

    Paul Brody’s Sadawi

As of its third edition, the Festival organizes music events as a complementary program with the special intention to attract young audience as a target group and to familiarize the public with some specific music genres such as Klezmer music, which has been until that year entirely unknown to the Croatian audience. The Festival’s music program provides a unique opportunity for the audience to enjoy peculiar rhythms of Klezmer music bands from different parts of Europe. Klezmer music emerged as a mixture of different cultures and traditional Jewish music, creating pleasant dance rhythms and a very nice atmosphere. So far the Festival hosted bands like The Shuk, Klezmer Connection, Jewzers, Klezmer Reloaded, Paul Brody˙s Sadawi. Along with the Klezmer music, the audience can also enjoy guest performances of the famous international and Croatian DJs, who have brought the Festival’s music program closer to the younger audience. The Festival presented to the Zagreb audience some of the prominent domestic DJs such as DJ Rea, M.I.L.E., Funk Guru, Philippe, DJ Feelip, DJ Aeon as well as artists famous on the club scene: KuBo, Stereotyp, Phon.o, Cid Rim & Clonius, Ogris Debris. The objective of the music program is to motivate younger target group thus broadening the Festival’s profile and increasing the number of guests and accompanying programs.



Jewish chansons ethno concert Vita Mavrič is famous, award-winning Slovenian musician and singer-songwriter. Her new project is a collection of both cheerful and melancholic Jewish klezmer chansons that emerged from the myriad of traditional and timeless tunes which had the key role in European music art development. Especially interesting translations and rich music adaptation are masterfully handled on her album “Mandeljni in rozine” (“Almonds and raisins”). The main feature of Vita Mavrič’ opus are beautifully melancholic vocal expressions that grow into passionate lyrics and music interpretation.


Born in 1983 in Sao Paulo, Joyce Muniz arrived in Vienna during the mid nineties and was soon introduced to the vibrant Viennese electronic music scene. Joyce Muniz is featured as a singer on the current Munk Album “The Beat and the Bird” out on Gomma, remixed the classic house anthem “Lovely Daee” by Blaze out on Defected and just scored No.4 in the Deephouse Beatport-Charts with her “Malicia” single. In addition to her DJing and production work, Joyce earned an Amadeus (Austrian equivalent to a Grammy) for her vocal work with Austrian rapper Skero on the hit single “Kabininparty”, which won the “Best Song of the Year” award, as well as 2 other nominations. Since Joyce Muniz’s “Trust Your Enemies” Single came out in March (her 4th release on Exploited) – she’s remixed Maya Jane Coles , Tosca, Claptone, Blaze, Stereo MC’s, Munk, Robert Owens & Jet Project, Amp Fiddler among others and her cuts have been snapped up for numerous DJ mixes and best-of-summer comps. Joyce has also produced Louie Austen’s entire album “What A Comeback!”. Lately, Richie Hawtin featured a new tune of hers in his Boiler Room Set.


Itch and Phillipe

Programmed for party, they combine the incompatible. Their music is future-retro and they are eternal children who replaced their toys with mixing equipment. Phillitchevanje is musically more laid-back program organized by two cfsn DJs. For that occasion they are taking off their nerdy uniforms and are indulging themselves in true boyish impulses where there are no boundaries and no rules. They are not nostalgic nor do they think that ten years ago everything was better, but instead they are more than happy to remember the moments when we used to play in front of MTV/VIVA TVs. Phillitchevanje is a parade of well-known old and new music numbers mixed with love and feeling for rhythm by the old dancing music-lovers.