Broken silence 2-300×168

Broken Silence film screening at 11 am on Sathurday, 7th of February,2015

The film “Broken Silence” shows on Saturday the 7th of February starting at 11 am in the Mini Theatre. The film is about the Roma victims of the Holocaust. Roma Radio reporter Orhan Galjus, born in Kosovo, with filmmaker Bob entropy, travels through Germany, Poland and Kosovo and trying to find out why the Sinti…


Tracing Jewish Heritage: A Guodebook to Slovenia presentation

Today at 11 am at the Mini Theatre will host the presentation of the book by Dr. John Premk and Mihaela Hudelja. The book “On the trail of Jewish Heritage: guide to Slovenia” is the fruit of many years of research in the field of Jewish Heritage in Slovenia. This first comprehensive guide preserved material…


Branko Lustig lector at Educational Morning for high school students at 11 am

Within the 1st Festival of Tolerance in Ljubljana  two Educational mornings for secondary school pupils and students will be held. First lecture is scheduled for 05.02.2015 at 11 hours – Mini Teater . The program is designed for high school students. After the screening of “Run boy run” lecturer Branko Lustig will speak about his…