direction: Mohsen Makhmalbaf

52 minutes

Friday, 23.5.



At the age of 74, many people retire or go and spend the rest of their life in a retirement home. But Kim Dong-Ho has made the decision to live like a young and energetic man until the end of his life. He gets up early around 4 am every morning and does his exercise for an hour. Then he checks the news and replies to emails. After that, he takes the bus to work. He currently works at a university for film and media, which he founded two years ago. Kim is the man who established the largest Asian Film Festival when he was almost 60 years old. Now that he is 74, he has decided to make his first film. Every month, during his lunch and dinner he holds 60 different meetings. Most of these meetings are held to something new, while some of them are catching up with his old friends. Kim still keeps in touch with his friends, since he did his military service fifty-five years ago. He tries to gather them once a month.

Busan International Film Festival, Korea, 2013
Beirut International Film Festival, Lebanon, 2013
London Korean Film Festival, United Kingdom, 2013
Tokyo filmex International Film Festival, Japan, 2013