direction: Patrick Alexander Stewart

73 minutes

Monday, 19.5.



Set against the backdrop of the beautiful, historic and ancient city of Akka in northern Israel, “It’s Better To Jump” explores this centuries-old seaport while giving a voice to the Arab families at risk of expulsion despite generations of calling this land home. Akka is inhabited by Muslims, Christians, Jews, and Baha’i. Its history goes all the way back to rule of the Egyptian Pharaohs. As the Old City undergoes harsh economic pressures and vast social change, the present- day situation is causing Palestinians to leave the places where they have shaped a rich culture for over a thousand years. This film focuses on the aspirations and concerns of the Palestinian inhabitants of the Old City of Akka. Within their current dilemma, the perilous tradition of jumping from the ancient 40’ seawall has become a rite of passage for the children there. Jumping is not only an expression of extreme exhilaration, but also a matter of self-determination. It is the ultimate leap of faith.

Barcelona International Film Festival – WINNER: Gold Lion Award, Best Director, Oaxaca International Film Festival – WINNER: Best Documentary Feature Film, Santa Barbara International Film Festival – Social Justice Award – nominee, Al Jazeera Documentary Festival – Grand Prize Runner Up (out of 200 films) Milano International Film Festival – Best Documentary nomination Pineapple Underground Film Festival (Hong Kong) Kitzbuehel Film Festival (Austria) Boston Palestine Film Festival Unspoken Film Festival Silent River Film Festival Other Israel Film Festival