direction: Eran Riklis

110 minutes

Tuesday, 20.5.



Fahed lives in poverty with his father and grandfather in the Shatila Palestinian Refugee Camp. His father obsessively tends his prized but sickly olive tree, a remnant of the home they fled in 1948. He refuses to plant it until they return to their ancestral land. Bright, smart and knowing how to work the streets, Fahed and his group of friends are playing one day when they see something come off an Israeli jet. What they are not expecting to find is Yoni, a proud, second generation fighter pilot in the Israeli Air Force. Face-to-face with the enemy Israeli, Fahed predictably takes his anger out on the pilot, and receives the same in return. It’s not until Fahed realises that the olive tree is dying and uses Yoni to get him past the border and into “Palestine” to plant his father’s olive tree. It is here their journey begins. Zaytoun is a story of survival, reconciliation and friendship. The pilot and boy gain one another’s respect and trust, and a charming and inspirational friendship is allowed to blossom.

Stony Book Film Festival 2013 – Special Recognition, Toronto International Film Festival 2012 – 3rd place People’s Choice Award