direction: Joel Novoa Schneider

24 minutes

Saturday, 24.5.



“Machsom”, the Hebrew word for “Checkpoint”, tells the story of Yaniv Greenblatt, a young Israeli soldier stationed at one of the most dangerous such checkpoints along the West Bank. He would like to be a pacifist and struggles to be fair to the Palestinians, but has to keep this secret from his superiors. The problems Yaniv faces at home are no easier. His mother is wheelchairbound hard-right-winger due to the terrorist attack that killed her husband.

American Film Institute – AFI Conservatory “Franklin J. Schaffner Fellow Award”
Bermuda International Film Festival – Special Jury Prize
War on Screen Film Festival – Best short film
Caucus for Producers, Writers&Director’s Foundation – Gold Circle Award
Beijing Film Academy Film Festival – HuayiBros. Special Award
Boston Jewish Film Festival Jury Prize
Ojai Film Festival – Limelight Award
Irvine International Film Festival – Jury Prize