direction: Amat Escalante

105 minutes

Saturday, 24.5.



Heli is 20 and has sister Estela, twelve-year old girl who fell crazy in love with seventeen-year old Beta. They live in Guanahuatu, where the majority of citizens work in a factory or in a local drug cartel. Guanahuatu is ruled by corrupt police officers, sexual exploitation, guilt and revenge. Estela and Beto want to run away and get married. In an attempt to fulfill a dream, they start a chain of violence that will have immense consequences. “Heli” is the firsthand story about the society in which rule endemic violence, institutionalized crime and corruption. Almost the entire cast of the film ”Heli“ are debutants.

Camerimage 2013 – Silver Frog, Cannes Film Festival 2013 – Best Director, Havana Film Festival 2013 – Grand Coral – First Prize, Lima Latin American Film Festival 2013 – Elcine First Prize, Montréal Festival of New Cinema 2013 – Louve d’Or, Palm Springs International Film Festival 2014 – Cine Latino Award, Stockholm Film Festival 2013 – Best Cinematograph