direction: Peter Dimitrov

58 minutes

Sunday, 18.5.



The documentary “Visions from the Inferno” of the script-writer and direc- tor Peter Dimitrov freely draws on a cycle of paintings by Bratislava-born artist Adolf Frankl – a man who lived through hell of concentration camps, death marches, unimaginable suffering, fear and humiliation. And this all not just under the fascist rule, since one totalitarian regime replaced another. The film is a portrait of this artist’s undeserved, cruel twist of fate, and its impact on the lives of his family. This drama develops on the background of historical facts with richly painted facture of the period. This film has no ambition to call for retribution or pathetically evoke feelings of guilt. It is rather a kind of an essay probing the roots of evil, pressing the compelling question “Why?” Formally, it is a styli- zed document based upon authentic testimonies by the artist and his son Thomas. By way of suggestion, the director Peter Dimitrov complements the film with acted scenes.

Trenčianske Teplice, Bratislava, Čadca, Slovak Republic, Telč, Czech Republic and in Montreal, Canada, at the FIFA, and was nominated by various International Film Festivals.
“Jüdische Filmwoche 2005”, in Vienna, Austria, at the “De France cinema” and at the “Votiv cinema”, in Montreal and Quebec, Canada, Le Fresnoy, France, New York, USA and Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2006.