direction: Lode Desmet

58 minutes

Friday, 23.5.



Two decades after the start of the wars that pulled apart Yugoslavia, six youngsters from five different former Yugoslav republics and one former autonomous province take a trip together through their now independent countries. The trip takes them from Sarajevo to the mountains of Montenegro, via Priština to Skopje, up to Belgrade, to Osijek, and to the Croatian island of Hvar. They chat continuously – online and offline. When the wars in their countries started none of them was old enough to have more than vague, anecdotal recollections of what happened. Bardh from Kosovo has the clearest memories of the conflict, but even for himit’s the present that count snow. They are not ready yet to let goof their hopes – of life without borders. Without nationalism. Corruption. Dirtypolitics. They all know – deep inside themselves – that one day soon they will have to choose between stay in gin the Balkans or leaving the region.