Simon Weiland about his film Heil Hitler, The Russians are coming.


Between the Swastika and the Red Star – a personal history as it has never been told before: In “Heil Hitler – The Russians are Coming” people give powerful and unbiased accounts of their personal histories and how they perceived life between the Swastika and the Red Star. In the 13 chapters of “Heil Hitler” – for example “We Child Soldiers”, “Raped”, “The Russians are Coming” – survivors give their own authentic and unforgettable accounts of what happened in the years between 1938 and 1945 and the aftermath of the war. These personal experiences open the door to an unexpected dimension of violence that can still be felt today. The hilly landscape seems vast and open, but below the surface one finds memories of violent acts buried here, experiences that have left their mark on the souls and in the faces of the people. This film digs below the surface.