Since 2007, the Festival of Tolerance – Zagreb Jewish Film Festival screens high-quality accomplishments from all around the world in the categories of feature, documentary, short and animated film which are dedicated to the Holocaust, promotion of tolerance and Jewish culture and way of life. Ninth edition of the Festival will be held in Zagreb at the end of April, 2015, at cinemas Europa and Tuskanac. We invite all interested to submit their films for the upcoming Festival. Besides in Zagreb, the shorter editions of the Festival will be held in cities throughout the region.

In addition to two DVD copies of the film, you need to send the documentation with the following information included: title of the film (the original title and the title in English), name of the director(s), country(-ies) and year of production, running time, synopsis, list of awards and name and function of contact person. Also, you have to specify which category the film belongs to (featured, documentary, short or animated film). Film in any other language than English and Croatian must have English subtitles. Films produced in year 2012 or later are preferred.

Please send the films to the following address: Festival of Tolerance, Vojnovićeva 15, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia.

You are sending these screeners for the selection purposes at your own expense. When sending, please write on the envelope “For cultural purposes, no commercial value” and indicate that the value of the package is not higher than $ 10. Please send only films that thematically correspond to our Festival (Holocaust, promotion of tolerance, Jewish culture, position and promotion of rights of members of national or religious minorities, handicapped persons, LGBT community…). Final decision about the films that will be included in the Festival program will be announced at the beginning of March, 2015. At the last few editions of the Festival, we have screened around 60 films, as our audience chooses the best works in the categories of feature and documentary films (audience award).

If you do not explicitly ask for them, copies of DVDs sent for selection purposes will not be returned. They will become the part of the Festival of Tolerance archive, but will never be publicly screened without the prior agreement with the distributors.

The other way to submit your films is by sending us the link for online preview. We prefer to review the films from Vimeo. If you choose to send the film by this option, you will also have to electonically send us the info requested in the second paragraph.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to having a great cooperation with you! For any further questions, feel free to contact us at