In her latest feature film, Jeanine Meerapfel tells the story of a deep love in a time of political upheaval and historical change. Sulamit, the daughter of Jewish emigrants from Germany, is growing up in Buenos Aires in the 1950s. Living cheek by jowl are Jews and Nazis who have fled from Europe and been thrown together again in a foreign country As a young girl Sulamit meets Frie- drich, a young German boy, whose family lives in the house directly opposite. They quickly become close. When Friedrich learns that h father was a high-ranking officer in the SS, he breaks with his family an goes to Germany. He soon joins the German student movement. Sulam follows him a few years later. But she realises that he is so politically engaged that there is little room for their love. Sulamit studies, later working as a translator and starts up a relationship with Michael, an assistant at the university, who love and helps her. But it is with Friedric that her heart lies. When Friedrich leaves Germany to join an Argenti- nian guerrilla movement, they lose contact and he disappears without trace. Sulamit embarks on a search that takes her up to Patagonia.