From January 23rd 2014, the Festival of Tolerance – Zagreb Jewish Film Festival is the owner of the distribution rights for the film “Inside Hana’s Suitcase” directed by Larry Weinstein. It is the film which we already screened to the pupils (13 – 15 years of age) at the Educational mornings 2011 in Zagreb, Osijek, Vukovar and Čakovec. Film is a part of the Educational mornings, program through which we want to talk to the youth about the atrocities of the Holocaust in order to learn more out of this tragic period of world history about the acceptance the diversities and approaching to every human being as an individual worth of respect. Film, as well as the complete program of the Educational mornings 2011, got the recommendation of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports as appropriate educational film for teaching about the Holocaust. On this occasion we thank to the Ministry for providing the distribution of the film. Plan is to distribute the film in schools in Croatia.


Film “Inside Hana’s Suitcase” is a touching story about two children who grew up during the WWII in former Czechoslovakia and about terrific experiences they went through just because they were born as Jews. Plot gets off from the present when a group of Japanese pupils and their teacher Fumiko Ishioka use the suitcase from the Nazi death camp in order to find out something about its owner’s life, Hana Brady, Jew who was imprisoned as a child during the WWII. In March 2000, this suitcase arrived to the Tokyo Holocaust Education Resource Center. On the suitcase, written in white colour, were following words: Hana Brady, May 16th 1931, and Waisenkind – the German word for orphan. Pupils who saw the suitcase had numerous questions. Who was Hana Brady? What happened to her? From Fumiko Ishioka, their teacher and the director of the Center, they asked to find out answers to their questions. Specificity of this film is that the plot is driven by children as storytellers.